About us

About us

The Zaghawa Association in the United Kingdom is a civil society organization founded** (11/18/2004)** and registered as a charitable organization with the British Charity Commission under the number 1106839 and is regulated by the Charity Commission Act (1993) in the United Kingdom.
It works to consolidate the bonds of the social relationship between its members, hold periodic meetings and organize social events, preserve the heritage and culture that expresses identity and entity, and provide appropriate conditions to place the members of the Association and their families residing in the Kingdom in a better position. Out of our commitment to preserving the entity, the solid family bond and sincere brotherhood, we decided to We organize for ourselves an internal regulation to conduct the work of this body to ensure rights, equality and good governance. The association is characterized as social, cultural and sporting. The association has no political character or discrimination between individuals and does not belong to any intellectual or religious trend.
The association is based on the following principles:

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